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Hello and welcome! We're currently working on developing an English version of the entire website, and English information on our facebook page and events, but for now, we've gathered a lot of our information here. If you have any more questions, please contact the information (email at the bottom).

About the organisation

KodachiKai is an organization in Lund for all of you who are interested in nerd culture, such as manga, anime, cosplay, video games, karaoke, board games, RPGs and more! You’re a member if you’ve bought a ticket to our convention Kodachicon, or if you’ve payed for membership at some point during the year. As a member you have the right to come to all our meetings and events, and the possibility to with us create your own events and activities.

As an organization we’ve been active for over 10 years, and grown from a dozen members to over 600 today. We’ve had several conventions over the years, among those Kodachicon, Kodachikun and one event called Storkun. Outside of our big convention, we have a ”minicon” every Monday, where we sit and talk, hang out, watch movies and sometimes have a workshop or some other fun event. It works perfectly fine to come to these Monday meetings even if you cannot speak Swedish. English is a language many of us speak regularly.

Every Monday, 18-21 at Fäladsgården in Lund. Check out our facebook page or send us an email if you have questions!

Kodachikai is also a part of a larger organization called Sverok, The Swedish Gaming Federation.

Sverok is the largest youth organisation in Sweden and encompasses many organizations focused on gaming all over the country. Sverok helps youths to create their own organizations on their own terms. Their main focus is on table-top RPGs, LARP, board games, e-sport and LAN.

Sverok Skåne is the most southern district of Sverok, which is the one Kodachikai is part of.

About the convention

We at Kodachicon think its very important that everyone feels comfortable, and this includes the ability to sleep and eat well! Our Kodachicrew are constantly working at the convention to make sure everyone is having a good time!

Sleeping We have sleeping quarters at the convention, and you can order a spot when you buy your ticket for the convention. In that way you can be on location from the moment we open and stay over the night without having to leave! We sell breakfast and the dormitory is watched over during day and night by our crew. If there’s any problem there’s always an adult nearby that can help.

Food We have food that is prepared and sold at the convention by our very own head chef, who leaves his restaurant over the weekend to cook for us instead!

Our goal is to serve food of good quality as cheaply as possible, and have an alternative for everyone: everything from vegetarian to vegan to avoiding allergies. Talk to our kitchen crew if you have any special food preferences, and they’ll solve it (without any extra costs).

Crew Kodachicreis the people who work in exchange for food, a place to sleep and access to the convention, to make our convention as good as possible! Our crew will have cool, colorful t-shirts, and will be easy to find.

Outside of our own crew we have our head chef with his team and several external organzations arranging different activities and games.

We also have several vendors selling merchandize and other fun things as well as performers coming to entertain you.

We also have a specific group for comfort and security. They all have a basic training in first aid and they know what to do should any unpleasant occasions arise. Outside of providing aid and water for dehydrated con-goers (water is of course free in our food court, it's good to have a bottle to be able to fill it and carry it around!) they wander around the area and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Values and equal treatment plan

At Kodachicon and Kodachikai we want to support equal treatment and work against discrimination and excluding behavior. Therefore our organization has an equal treatment plan (Not yet available in English).

Part of it says:

Our convention consists of people from different backgrounds and who have different experiences. We value safety very highly and constantly work to make everyone who come to us feel safe and welcomed and through that encourage them to engage in our organization and activities.

With actively trying to work for equal treatment we want to create a safe, open and including environment for all of our members, were everyone is welcome. We want to work to create an awareness and an understanding for our differences as a strength and that a multicultural organization is a strength and an asset.

Everyone has the right to be included, which means that everyone who wants to should be able to be included, as much as they can and want to based on their circumstances. Everyone who wants to, regardless of nationality, socioeconomic background, ethnicity, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical and mental circumstances, are allowed to be a part of our organization’s activities: both our convention and our meetings!


Information/general questions - info@kodachi.se Crew - crew@kodachi.se Press - press@kodachi.se

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